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and the Sunfun Group is a global traveler.


A mechanical engineer by trade, I worked as an apprentice with a large civil engineering group, gaining a City & Guilds qualification with merit but declined to continue on the higher national degree course. Simply because I yearned to travel!

My paper qualifications gave me the opportunity to travel and work in distant lands and exotic places around the globe which involved civil engineering in the Middle East, oil exploration in the North Sea, government officer in charge of all plant and transport as Senior Plant Inspector for Works and Supply in Papua New Guinea! My most exciting position was the very first time overseas to Zambia located on a 10,000 foot plateau in Africa to head up a team of skilled fitters underground in the copper mine of Kalulushi near Kitwe and Ndola close to the border of the Congo. Being my first time out of the UK, this was a complete culture shock to say the least but I fell in love with Africa in the ensuing two years leading to travelling and flying in Africa ever since.

I have travelled and worked extensively around the globe since that first trip to Africa and if there is one single thing I have learned during that time is that, travel profoundly broadens the mind and brings amazing experiences. Who else can say they have spent a weekend fishing on a remote South Pacific tropical island with the former and founding Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, the very man who brought independence to his country in the 1960s. Michael Somare and his two sons spent a weekend on my friends’ luxury game fishing yacht and I was invited. I shall treasure that weekend forever. We still have friends in Australia emanating from my time in PNG.


For the last 30 years, I have nurtured my luxury coach business taking clients all around Europe, making new friends and enjoying amazing experiences in stunning places. From buying my first coach and opening for business on the 22nd of May 1987, I fell into the trap buying more and more until I finally stopped the expansion at approximately sixty vehicles of all shapes and sizes. During that time, I have bought two commercial premises between Cambridge and Huntingdon, built six workshops and two offices, equipping them all with the latest tools and computers available.

During the last 12 years, a friend and I started a Microlight Training business partnership at Chatteris Airfield in Cambridgeshire called AAA Microlights which is still going today at Boston, Lincs and Chatteris and Cambs. However, during that time, I gained my pilots licence and have learned to fly a variety of different aircraft from microlight flex-wings, fixed wings, powered parachutes, Cessna light aircraft, helicopters and most exciting of all auto gyrocopters.

My latest quest is to refocus my business to become the ultimate chauffeur business in the Cambridge area, investing in the very best cars the world can provide for our most important visitors to the Cambridge area. Therefore, Premier OMG Cars, will eventually become a household name in Cambridge, using primarily Tesla all-electric cars but also using the world’s smoothest car, the Mercedes Maybach, of which I already have two in my fleet.

My family and I enjoy the fruits of our busy commercial lives with frequent visits to Cape Town, where we have several properties and continuing my love affair with Africa in all its forms, most importantly the wide open spaces of Namibia and the captivating Namib desert, Botswana (the Jewel of Africa) with its Okavango Swamps and South Africa itself with its beautiful garden route and stunning Drakensberg mountains, I have relished them all!

My life has already been fulfilled. The love of my family, the love of my business, anything further is a super bonus but we all need a new challenge from time to time and now the time is right to prove low emission cars a must and a need to reduce our carbon footprint dramatically. Let's get rid of the gas guzzlers!

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